Shukhi Poribar 16767- A One-Stop Center for Family Planning Service


DGFP, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoHFM)

In November 2020, the Sukhi Poribar 16767 Contact Center opened its doors, offering a comprehensive range of family planning and related services to the people of Bangladesh. In collaboration with the MOHFW, the DGFP, and Synesis IT, this one-stop service center is available 24/7, providing vital support to those of reproductive age. From family planning and reproductive health services to pregnancy care and postpartum support, the Sukhi Poribar 16767 Contact Center offers a range of services that bring benefits to people of all ages. With its convenient, accessible, and expert care, the Sukhi Poribar 16767 Contact Center is a valuable resource for the people of Bangladesh.


  1. Family Planning: Family Planning Advice & Services
  2. Nutrient: Nutrient Related Information
  3. Pregnancy: Pregnancy Related Service (Pre-pregnancy, Pregnancy & Post pregnancy)
  4. Adolescent Health: Related information service
  5. Maternity: Emergency Maternity Service
  6. Postpartum: Postpartum Family Planning Services
  7. Neonate: Neonate Health & Services
  8. Period Cycle: Period Cycle Regularization Related Information & Service
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