e-Stipend System Development & PostDevelopment Support


Prime Minister’s Education Assistance Trust (PMEAT)

PMEAT is a pioneering initiative that uses information technology to digitize manual citizen services and provide educational assistance to poor and brilliant students, as well as those who have been accidentally injured. By streamlining the process and reducing the time, cost, and visit (TCV) associated with manual services, PMEAT is making it easier for students to access the support they need to achieve their goals. Developed and implemented by Synesis IT, PMEAT is a powerful example of how technology can be used to improve access to education and make a real difference in people’s lives.

1.5+ Lacs

Degree Students have been
Facilitated so far

BDT 31,46,000

Distributed in Support

Zero Cost

Reduced Process Cost
from BDT 3,00,00,000
to Zero


Students got
Related Help


Students Receiving

BDT 5,55,000

Distributed in Grants

Green & Paperless

This is a Complete
Green & Paperless
Application Process

Saving Time

It has Reduced Application
Processing Time from
150 Days to 15-20 Days


The Project has
an Unbiased
Automated Selection Process

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