Online e-Registration & e-Tax Filing System (e-Return)


National Board of Revenue (NBR)

e-Return is a revolutionary system that is transforming the way citizens of Bangladesh access tax-related services. Implemented by Synesis IT, this one-stop service portal allows people to easily and conveniently get all the information they need while remaining in the comfort of their own homes. From tax returns and TIN certification to tax acknowledgment receipts and e-ledgers, e-Return offers a wide range of benefits that have saved millions in costs and given people more control over their tax returns. In short, e-Return is a game-changer that is making life easier and more efficient for millions of people.

Online Application

Integrated with NID, RJSC,
e-BIN, Banks &
VAT Services Database


A dedicated Helpdesk
and Support System

Digital Certificate & Receipt

Automated Digital Tax
Certification & Tax
Acknowledgement Receipt

6.57+ Millions

Tax Payers are being served
and facilitated

Saved Valuable Time

Stable and Reliable Platform
which Saved Valuable Time of
Millions of People.

Digital & No Intermediary

Fully Digital Process without
any Physical Footprint &
Removed Intermediary from the Process

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