Automation of Phyto-Sanitary System of Plant Quarantine Wing


Department of Agriculture Extension (DAE)

Automation of Phyto-Sanitary System is an online registration system that streamlines the process of obtaining Phytosanitary Certificates (PCs), Release Orders (ROs), Import Permits (IPs), and Anchorage Permits for the export and import of agricultural products. With an online application tracking system and a secure document archive, Automation of Phyto-Sanitary System makes it easy for exporters and importers to access the information and services they need, whenever and wherever they need them. As a result, this innovative system is making life easier and more convenient for the agricultural industry in Bangladesh.

Online Application

It can Save the Time,
Cost & Visit of the
Exporters & Importers


Users will be Notified
at Every Stage of the
Certificate Approval Process

Life Easy

Offline & Online Payment
System will Make Life Easy for
the Exporters & Importers.

Tracking System

Exporter & Importers can Track
Their Certificate Status from
Anywhere through Online


The System will Increase the
Efficiency, Transparency &
Productivity of the DAE Officials

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