Tender Bazar.com is such a platform where all the tenders of Bangladesh are available in one place. Every day thousands of contractors, suppliers, and service providers come here in search of tenders.

Tender Bazar has the archive of all the tenders of Government and Non-Government organizations of last ten years. The Tender Bazar will give you the facility to monitor and analyze all the activities related to tenders by saving tenders and displaying hundreds of reports.

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Tender Portal of Bangladesh
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Why Choose Tender Bazar for publishing tender?

  1. Maintain your own cloud tender portal or website
  2. In accordance with procurement policy of Bangladesh
  3. Maintenance of tender archive
  4. Easy link to website
  5. Email, SMS and web notification system
  6. Tender notification to customers
  7. Preservation of all tender related documents
  8. Support system for creating documents
  9. Daily report system

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