Synesis IT ltd is a CMMI level 03 certified company, with over 350 employees that’s’ been working for over 12 years with clients such as the Government, private sector and corporates to provide value driven solution to their problems with the help of information technology.

Synesis IT specialises in 4 areas, i) e-Governance, ii) e-Health & m-Health, iii) Call Center Solutions, iv) Business facilitation through Tender Bazar and v) High quality monitoring, evaluation & research for supporting business and services to population.

Shohrab Ahmed, the Managing Director of the tech firm, graduated from BUET and even though he majored in EEE, he had always been very passionate about software and programming. This passion made him start his career at the public sector, where he worked with tech in the health and education sectors for over 5 years. He wanted to do more and start his own company, and soon enough, he found an investor who had the same vision he did regarding the IT sector in Bangladesh, and finally in 2006, Synesis IT came to be.

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