Tender Bazar


Tender Bazar Limited

Tender Bazar, an initiative of Synesis IT Ltd. which is the largest platform that brings the bidders and inviters together to exchange business procurement information. State of the art technology and highly qualified professionals dedicated from collection to publishing of tender information ensures that no member misses his/her preferred tender notifications. It also ensures that members receive the notifications by 12:00 pm on the same day with no repetitive postings. In addition, TenderBazar.com serves as a knowledge hub on tender information through "Tender Analytics" that helps subscribed members to understand tender related market trends.

In Bangladesh, where public procurement constructs almost 20% of national GDP, a portal like TenderBazar.com acts as a great entrepreneurial initiative for strengthening government's efforts to bring transparency in all the processes required to complete the vast operations of procurement. At TenderBazar.com, we strongly believe that being a participant on the front of public procurement, our contributions could be invaluable because we know how every opportunity counts.

TenderBazar.com is the best, because it allows you to-


§  Web access to the complete list of tenders presented with details from your desired categories.

§  Everyday more than 6000 bidders/suppliers/service providers are sent tender notifications through SMS & Email developed an online market place for more than 6,000 contractors.

§  Daily reminder of bid collection, submission, opening & pre-bid meeting for next 7 days in your inbox.

§  Daily SMS alerts for new tenders, corrigendum and cancellation notices.

§  Daily upload of 4,00450 procurement tenders as scanned images or interpreted.

§  Dynamic tender search facility and analyzed tender reports.

§  Comprehensive tender calendar.

1000+ Business houses rely on Tenderbazar.com because:

§  It is a single platform for all tenders with 100% accuracy.

§  It ensures to not miss a single tender.

§  It never sends irrelevant tenders.

§  Relates corrigendum with original tenders.

§  Provides comprehensive search facilities to analyze market trend.

§  Facilitates by publishing all tenders by 12:00 pm every day.