Software Quality Assurance and Test Services


Software Quality Assurance and Test Services

Quality Testing and Assurance testing is a robust technique that involves numerous processes to examine software. QA testing process ensures each and every element of an application to meet all pre-defined objectives. For maximum usability and attention, it is necessary that each application must undergo through desired testing phases.

Our QA testing tools & services make a difference while differentiating with other products. We have various set of testing services such as Automation testing, Functional testing, Performance testing and etc. as per need.

§  Automation Testing Services: Synesis IT overlooks the complex and demanding prospects in quality assurance (QA) services. Hands-on with automating testing generate cost-effective, resource efficient and automated products.

§  Functional Testing Services: Technical experts of Synesis IT quantify functional testing in an organized & structured manner. It is performed at the early stage in Software development life cycle to eliminate defects in the system to bring a flawless functionality to the entire system.

§  Performance Testing Services: New technologies such as cloud applications, apps, IoT (Internet of Things), etc. are modulating the way to do businesses. Synesis IT owns a defined methods, tools or strategies for being top in the market. Our Performance testing shapes usability and makes an organization at the top.

§  Regression Testing Services: Synesis IT always believe to serve more for less. Clients users achieve maximum test coverage with less number of test cases. Our team builds the pillars of constant efforts that lead an organization at the first place and hence minimizes the risks.