Software Application Development


Software Application Development

Synesis IT has been contributing remarkable software applications since its kick off. The software development process involves computer programming, documenting, testing, and bug fixing involved in creating and maintaining applications and frameworks. Today`s world believes in reducing the most of pen-paper works by replacing the whole system into digital platforms via software. Synesis IT prepares robust and pro-active software through a constructive process to deliver the maximum privilege to the real beneficiaries. 

Major Activities Involves-


Information Analysis: The objective of design of an information system that is so accurately described that customer can make a decision on whether to have delivered or not the proposed information system, a so-called go/no-go decision. The product from this core activities is called Preliminary Investigation, Definition Study or Detailed Project Definition. A good description provides insight into the total functionality of the (information)system and the consequences for realization, implementation and operation of this in the end-user organization. The approach should quickly show that the proposed change is desirable and acceptable for the organizational objectives of the customer.


Functional Design: Comprises the detail design and functional specification of the to be developed or changed information system. In summary:


- What the new information system does for the end-user: what products are delivered;

- What the end-user has to do with the new system; how does the end-user get information into the system;

- What are the consequences of the new (implemented part) system for the end-user organization (in any case: additions to what already has been described in the information system.

Technical Design: However, after the completion of Information analysis and functional design it’s time to design the technical aspects of the software development process.

- The research of the technical feasibility of the desired functionality of the designed system, where is defined that automatic support is required and in discussion with functional designer, database administrator and other specialist’s solutions to potential problems;

- The delivery of programming specifications for realization of the automated parts of the functionality.

Programming and Testing Unit:  is the design, coding and testing of the products described in the Technical design.



Application and Software Architecture: Finally, the core activity has the objective of aligning the application/software architecture with the result of the information analysis together with the application landscape and the technical architecture.