Public and Private Cloud Management


Synesis IT provides Cloud management platform that are integrated products providing management of public and private cloud environments. The minimum requirements to be included in this category are products that incorporate self-service interfaces, provision system images, enable metering and billing, and provide for some degree of workload optimization through established policies. More-advanced offerings may also integrate with external enterprise management systems, include service catalogs, support the configuration of storage and network resources, allow for enhanced resource management via service governors and provide advanced monitoring for improved “guest” performance and availability. Synesis IT have a professional expertise at this area starting from small to large scale enterprise needs.



Provision infrastructure and application resources with your choice of consumption (API, Catalog or CLI) based on pre-defined policies and permissions.


Provisioning and maintenance of data clouds are automated through the creation of blueprints (models) that include all the components of requested services along with their relationships.

Multi-cloud management

Day one and day two operations across private and public clouds using internationally recognized technology.

Operation management

A unified view of health and utilization, automated performance management, accelerated capacity and planning decisions and proactive discovery of issues before they impact end-users.

Cost Management

Comprehensive reporting and analytics which improve capacity forecasting and planning while optimizing workload placement, resource acquisition and utilization.


Cloud Management Features List Include:

§  Operational scripts

§  Standardized templates

§  Docker support

§  Hierarchical cloud account access

§  Integrate to AD or other services

§  Key management and Extensible monitoring

§  Single API and Resource discovery

§  Single Console for all clouds

§  Compute, storage, and network views

§  Universal tag management

§  Auto-scaling and CLI tool