Teletalk Result Data



All the result publications involved in different types of board examinations always required a more efficient method to be processed. Previously, the operation of result publication was not robust and the amount of user data sent and received used to cause web traffic which resulted as an obstacle in terms of publishing board results. On the other hand, examinees could not retrieve their previous board results from the existing procedure. Necessarily, Teletalk Bangladesh came up with a solution to eradicate these problems by implementing Education Boards Result Data Management Application with Backup Solution and it will be responsible for managing data of board results since 1995 till 2028.


As a leading ICT solution provider of the country, Synesis IT has always contributed significantly in the maximum utilization of technology in the Education Sector. With Smart Technologies (BD) Ltd., Synesis IT has come up with the robust solution of designing, developing and implementing a fully functional Result Data Management System for Teletalk. Synesis-Smart JV is also going to provide a comprehensive data management of all Education Boards among Bangladeshs citizens and various corporations for efficient management. The solution will cover development of responsive web interface software management including storage management and backup Solution, development of data management software and archive management software for recording previous years results, development of API s for the corporates i.e. universities, Embassies and the Ministries and also providing necessary hardware. It s a robust, scalable, flexible and unified solution to establish an effective Result Data Management from every desired level of user.

Social Impact and Benefits

•             Efficient result data management system and result publishing for all the public board exams (JSC, SSC and HSC)

•             Easier information retrieving as organized archiving of old data will be introduced.

•             Free of cost service accessibility for the direct users like students.

•             Improved monitoring capability for Teletalk.

•             Increased e-service accessibility for students and citizens of the country.