Going through all the payment processes involved in availing different types of Govt. services has always been a challenging one. It not only reduced the popularity of the numerous services of Govt. but also acted like a prime obstacle in establishing Digital Bangladesh. Citizens were also in search of a convenient way to perform all the necessary payments through a centralized platform. Consequently, Aspire to Innovate (A2I) came with a revolution named Ekpay which is Digital Payment Platform (P2G- Public to Govt) with a view to bringing all govt. fees and utility bill payment services under a single window to materialise the government’s vision of ‘Digital Bangladesh’.


Synesis IT has always been a renowned name in the flourishing ICT sector of the country. As a leading ICT solution provider Synesis IT, along with SGSPL, came forward to be a companion of our Government in the path of implementing this Public to Government Payment Platform Ekpay. Synesis-SGSPL JV, as a partner of A2I in throughout the whole development, provided the solution of centralized and a secure payment processing platform for all public services which facilitated collection of payments through multiple channels i.e. Cash, Debit Cards, Credit Cards, Prepaid payment instruments including wallets and other electronic payment options such as internet banking, MFS, m-Wallet, Airtime (where applicable) etc. This solution enables the citizens to perform all the utility bills payments such as electricity, water, gas; all education board payments, all e-filing & forms portal payments and all Digital Center payments from anywhere.

Currently, 50 assisted agents and more than 50,000 syndicated agents are served through Ekpay for bill payment solutions. Some 15 banks have already been integrated with the platform and more than 30 service providers are currently allowing their customers to pay bills with their cards, bank accounts including internet banking, mobile financial services, among other options.

Synesis-SGSPL JV has developed the digital payment platform and payment processor for utility bills and other service payments, web portal and android mobile application for processing payments, ability to maintain instant confirmation of payment made via SMS/email/printable-email, biller portal & management System and bill/payment collection, payment through UDC (Union Digital Center in all 64 District), portal & management system for Banks, Gateway operators or any other financial agent., Integration with Govt. Agency for identity verification and also integration with all biller Govt. Agency e-Systems and banks.

Social Impact and Benefits

•All the service payments i.e utility, education boards, other e-service payments for Govt. have come under one single centralized platform.

•A comfortable and convenient method for the citizens to pay all the bills sitting even at their home using the mobile phone if required.

•Saving time, cost and visit for the citizens as they do not need to move different banks for paying the bills.

•Monitoring all the transactions and fraud detection have been easier for the Government because bills are paid through a single window digital platform