Bhokta Batayan 16121



Consumers Right and Complaint Management is directly related to the social economic development of the country as a whole and every citizen of the nation is a beneficiary of DNCRP. To ensure Consumer s right, DNCRP is working diligently. But due to manual service process, it becomes difficult to meet the demand of the vast population. Disseminate of the information about citizen-consumer s rights on all product and services is very challenging through manual service process. 


In compliance to the Honourable High Courts direction and to further facilitate the consumers right and address their grievances, the Directorate took decision to hire a firm for providing a hotline (call-center) services to receive, channelize and redress the consumers  grievances. Keeping that in mind, the authority of DNCRP wished to address the complaints of citizens-consumers regarding the infringement of their rights through launching a hotline (call-center) service and thus asked for tender for selecting consulting firm to provide this hotline service. Synesis IT Ltd. with more than 13 years of glorious experience, participated in the tender and won the privilege to become a part of the nationally important hotline service. Synesis IT is well equipped and experienced at executing call center services for clients so that they sync together and work as an inclusive part of companys customer relationship management (CRM).


The Consumer Rights Protection Directorate has recently launched the consumer complaint and a hotline service titled Bhokta Batayan on the occasion of World Consumer Rights Day-2020. The hotline service has been established  to deliver consumer s concern information to all level of consumers within shortest possible time and receive, channelize and redress consumer s grievances for the welfare of people from all over Bangladesh (8 Division, 64 District). Citizen s complaints will be lodged through the call center 24-7-365 basis from all telecom operators-land phone of Bangladesh. Where a consumer can immediately complain if he is deceived by purchasing a product or service. In this regard, the culprits will be subjected to punishment by conducting a raid.

Following are the features cover up to provide hotline (call-center) services to deliver concern information and redress complaints.

       Automatic Call Distribution

Unlimited Queues

       Skills-Based routing

Call Recording

Interactive Voice Response


SMS and Email Integration

Quality Monitoring

CDR (Call Detail Record)

Web Integration

Voice Log/Call log

Live Management Dashboard

Outbound Dialer for Campaign/Awareness

Integrated Complain Management System

CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

Integrated Quality Management

Listing, Reports, Analytics


App Integration

Call Transfer

Integrated Workforce Management System

Voice Mail

WFM platform

Multi-level IVR


The market is based on consumer needs, so it has to be consumer friendly and safe. Market means buyer-seller coexistence, business means buyer-seller interaction. Only the goodwill, diligence and lawful conduct of business people can build a healthy and cooperative productive business-consumer relationship.