Shastho Batayon 16263


Ministry of Family and Welfare of Bangladesh is continuously developing its efforts to improve and facilitate the health services of Bangladeshi people. This sector has already received a lot of glorious awards like; MDG award from UNICEFThough the success story of health sector is flourishing and significant but it has not reached to all. A major part of the population has been unaware or unwilling to get health dissemination services due to high cost, far distance to health service provider or unaware to identify disease symptoms and take action.

To ensure proper health facilitation for all, MOHFW needed a viable platform like eHealth through which everyone can avail health services in a matter of a mobile call.



Synesis IT generated a platform of Advanced technology “Telehealth resource center” solution to MIS department of DGHS under the supervision of MOHFW. The 24/7 national health helpline “Shastho Batayon 16263”. Anyone can consult about any health-related queries, ambulance information, nearby hospital address by the blessing of its “Information and database management system”. Even anyone can raise complains about any particular hospital or its authority through specialized Integrated Complaint management system.

Synesis IT has proved a remarkable technological exhibition by developing the contact center system, with the newly equipped service model which maintained a server, capable of managing and processing incredible number of data. Transparency has been kept air clean through performance and report review management system in all kinds of report preparation like; SMS report, doctor-agent report or in crucial Informative research. With an excellently organized IT infrastructure design and networking model Synesis IT has also developed monitoring tools via which performances can be checked in a blink of an eye. Besides innovative technical aspects, Synesis IT has also furnished the total operation from call center management to recruitments of professional doctors/advisors through one of its expertise “Managed services”

Beside regular medias like newspaper, television etc. Synesis IT has been continuously promoting Shastho Batayon 16263 in Digital platforms like Facebook, Youtube with helpful medical insights and tips which has already snatched the attention of an enormous number of people.

Social Impacts and Benefits

§  Till 21st January, 2017; more than 1.4 million of people from around the country has been served by the Shastho Batayon 16263.

§  General People are taking several health services beside 24/7 doctors’ advice within a very marginal call rate.

§  Variety information like: Public or private hospitals, clinic or doctor`s information with phone number as well as what kinds of health facility and services are available in which hospital etc. can be accessed from a single platform.

§  Citizens of Bangladesh can easily throw complaints or suggestion against any health public or private hospital or clinic to the authority (DGHS) via Shastho Batayon 16263. Anyone can also get all kinds of information regarding ambulance service to booking.

§  Shastho Batayon 16263 also takes Emergency Accident information and quickly informs the relevant authorities to take action.

§  It is transmitting 5,500-6,000 calls regularly in a single day and the number is increasing.