Online E-Tin Registration System



Bangladesh has faced plenty of challenges to manage proper tax governance. Fake TIN issuance resulted millions of misuses which in return gave nothing but a low economy and financial loss to the government of Bangladesh.  One of the main struggling point for the people was physically visiting for Tin certification or verification process. It took a lot of time to be verified and frequent visits were needed to be done things in a perfection. Tax and its related services were only being revealed by stepping door to door to officials. It was high time for a dedicated online solution by which everyone can get all the desired tax related services in a blink of an eye.


Synesis IT implemented a national e-TIN project where tax payers are getting all the tax related services with improved tax governance. This is the first project of the Bangladesh Government to use a digital certification platform, where citizens can attain certificates online without physical interaction. This is also the first project of Bangladesh government to integrate NID database from electronic commission as well as the company database from RJSC. It also prevents fake TIN issuance and its misuse, enables improved tax governance and helps better fiscal year planning.

Social Impact and Benefits

§  More than 3.2 million tax payers are getting service online enabling improved tax-governance.

§  Online TIN application for taxpayers.

§  Authority can collect individual taxpayer’s data online.

§  Online verification with Election Commission against National ID can be done.

§  Management work flow regarding TIN application and Infrastructure assessment report preparation can be done easily.

§  Centralize system for all relevant services.

§  Connectivity was established between Election commission and RJSC for online data verification.

§  Regular data archiving and retrieval process has been established for strong database maintenance.