WASA Helpline 16162



Dhaka Water Supply and Sewerage Authority (WASA) is a service oriented autonomous commercial organization in the Public sector, entrusted with the responsibility of providing water supply, sewerage disposal (waste water), and storm water drainage services to the urban dwellers of the fast-growing metropolitan Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh.  The entire population of Bangladesh is dependent upon WASA. To enhance the service quality to the next level WASA was in need of an icebreaking idea which would ease the way of user experience of the entire nation and help create a healthy reputation as well as trustworthiness.


To provide better services for its customers, WASA has introduced the helpline “WASA LINK 16162” with the support of Synesis IT to hear the problem regarding the services it offers to the population of Dhaka City. A call center platform by which people can collect information or even can place complain regarding any water and sewerage related problem. Wasa Link call center uses the hotline number 16162 and people can communicate with them anytime from 7am to 10pm.

Social Impact and Benefits

§  People don’t have to come to complaint centre physically in their serving area anymore enabling them to save their valuable time and money spent in transportation.

§  Anyone will be able to make complaints to the call centre round the clock though the contact centre will remain open from 7:00am to 10:00pm. The service can be accessed from all telecom operators in Bangladesh by dialling 16162 from the subscribers’ mobile/land phone.

§  Till now, every day thousands of water and sewerage related complaints have been taken and complaints are well taken care of through proper monitoring and transparency at every level.

§  Everyday a lot of people are registering complain regarding water & sewerage, billing, drainage, meter problem or just to have information about various service related information of Dhaka WASA.

§  Dashboard for different level of users are available.

§  Developed computer system to send SMS alert to the responsible SAE selected from the job card of that mod`s zone.

§  Develop and enhanced IT based complain registry & trouble ticketing system for DWASA.

§  SMS based notification system among engineers, SAE, AE and EE to acknowledge, redress and finally close ticket.