789: A Medical Counselling and Consultation Service



Health and medical services fall under one the basic needs of the people of Bangladesh and majority of the population in here are deprived of proper health care services. To take the health and medical services of the Bangladesh to a next extent, back then mobile networks were yet unused and an opportunity to work with. But the problem lied in somewhere else. People only wants to seek health and medical information when they or any of their near and dear one is sick and it was undoubtedly a major challenge to earn credibility that mobile health services can contribute equally like regular medical services.  The goal was clear but the paths to walk through was getting blurry with each step walking close to the destination.





Health Department of Synesis IT provides medical and health services to the subscribers of Banglalink, Telitalk, Airtel and previously Citycell by 24 hours a day through mobile phone simply by dialing the number 789 from any mobile, from any part of the country. This call center system is designed in a very highly scalable and secured way. Subscribers can get health advice and medical services directly from doctors. Along with direct medical advice, Health tips on SMS there are also available. This makes the call center highly flexible for the callers.



Social Impact and Benefits

 §  Helpline 789 is now serving huge number of callers seeking for health-related information.

§  The whole Instant and emergency health suggestions helped thousands of people getting the right information at needed time.

§  With just a mobile call people of Bangladesh can now get medical consultation from professional health consultants.

§  People can share any problems or complain with high security on their personal information.