Decentralized Education Management Information System



Directorate of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education (DSHE) held responsible for more than 30,000 secondary and higher secondary education institutes across Bangladesh. Though DSHE was managing and controlling the authority of these institutes, it was continuously facing rough edges in providing its full services to the country. Previously the system had to go through a lot hassle in managing all the activities. Earlier DSHE had to collect various education information from more than 30,000 educational institutions like: Madrasha, School, College across Bangladesh through hardcopy questionnaires which took years to collect, compile, validate and finally to present as a report.  Another major problem lied in disbursing salary and benefits of 0.5 million teachers due to manual set up. DSHE had to face thousands of complains from the Authority for this.


Synesis IT has designed an EMIS for smooth and effective operations of DSHE, Ministry of Education, Government of the people republic of Bangladesh.

The Software developed for DSHE was very user friendly, easily customizable, retains strong back up and trusted recovery facilities. One of its unique capability was unlimited concurrent user handling but from the touch points when Synesis IT began working for EMIS DSHE, the service level transformed into a totally different experience. Every service of the DSHE, from salary disbursement to any report or data can be accessed through this web portal (

Currently more than 90% problem turned into an easy solution. This project was one of the vital components of SESDP that won the best performing project award from ADB in 2012. 

Social Impact and Benefits

§  DSHE can collect information from more than 30,000 educational institutions in Bangladesh online.

§  Educational institutions can submit any important document, dynamic report or spreadsheet data through this website.

§  DSHE can control and manage all registered educational institution and its necessary activities online.

§  Educational information like: Headcount of teachers, students, MPO, results, performance, extra curriculum activities, logistics, infrastructures information etc. are now managed easily from online portal in a lightning speed.

§  DSHE now processes salary and benefits of more than 0.5 million teachers in online.