Development of Dynamic Web Application for BBS



Bangladesh Bureau of Statics has been providing the Government of Bangladesh and the whole nation with statistical information which in turn has been transforming in meaningful decision making and development work processes. But due to unfamiliarity and lack of digital presence as well as access, people of Bangladesh were unaware of the usage and accessibility to statistical information. BBS has been serving the country with more than 38 years but to cope with the need of 21st century it realized a need for digitalization for more accessibility for the people of Bangladesh.


Synesis IT came up with an automated process for the entire BBS activities in order to enhance the scope of using statistical and relevant information for all. Through dynamic content management system in a customized web based application people can easily access to any information back in past times.

Social Impact and Benefits

• Through this application BBS can manage the whole operation system that includes payroll processing system, payroll processing system for officers and staff, personal data sheet and administration.

• Common database structure made easy and user-friendly platform.

• It allowed data migration of 110 million records of population census from old legacy system to new system.

• It has provided Dynamic online report generation facilities, Content Management System (CMS).

• Online Personal Data Sheet (PDS) management.

• BBS was facilitated with centralized database system and comprehensive information security management that created a fruitful and effective application for all.

With the automation of the entire process of BBS with priority features to enhance office productivity, ensuring that the office procedures are effectively managed the minimum energy dissipation.