Bangladesh Safety Net System for the Poorest



Bangladesh has faced several severe disasters in the past. A lot of disaster affected area as well as population went unnoticed just because of the right access to identify those. Bangladesh Ministry of Disaster Management and Relief (MoDMR) has always been showing its honest willingness to develop a system through which the unidentified problems can be solved. In times of cash or money allocation for the disaster affected people, identifying real and exact number of affected population, action list, or total government administration there was not sufficient transparency in identifying the idea set of actions to mitigate the disaster relief and management issues. Hence, a platform was indeed in need for changing the way of tackling these issues.


In May 2016, the Government of Bangladesh and the world bank selected the consortium of Synesis IT Limited and Synergy International system Inc, an USA based Company to develop management information systems for the Bangladesh Safety Net System for the poorest project (SNSP).

As a part of the project, two separate but fully integrated government information systems will be developed. A Social Safety Net System for the ministry of Disaster Management and Relief (MoDMR) and a National Household Database for the Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics. The broad objective of the project is to help design, develop and implement an integrated MIS platform for Ministry of Disaster management and Relief.

Social Impact and Benefits

§  This management information system helped disaster affected people by opening a platform through which they can instantly get access to needed information.

§  Proper needed service to affected people has been identified and ensured.

§  The arranged funds for the disaster affected people has been delivered with proper transparency.

§  This management information system allowed government to focus on Improved targeting.

§  This Project aimed at improving the equity, efficiency and transparency of major safety net programs, which benefit the poorest households.

§  Finally, Government of Bangladesh progressed continuously in taking well-informed decisions and improved at service delivery.