Bangladesh, a country of over 165 million of people and according to a joint research conducted by WHO & Ministry of Health & Family Welfare of Bangladesh about 16.1% of the adult population in the country are suffering from mental disorders. World Health Organization (WHO) generated a report stating every 40 seconds someone is committing suicide out of mental disorder. The scenario in Bangladesh dictates a 10,000-suicide number per year ranking suicide in the 10th position as a cause of death. But unfortunately, there is no sufficient number of mental expert to serve the people who are mentally suffering. Statistics shows that only one psychiatrist/ mental health expert is there for every one million people.

Thus, to reduce this number of suicidal rate to zero, a mental health counselling platform lies in a key need at the heart of the Bangladesh people.


Synesis IT comes up with “Mind Tale”, a 24/7 comprehensive mental health helpline.

Mind Tale provides psychological consultancy over the phone just by dialing 7899 to get rid of any sort of mental pressure. The service serves counselling for mental illness to awareness buildup and information dissemination. Considering the honest aim of meeting everyone’s need, the service/call charge of Mind Tale 7899 has been kept in an affordable rate.

To serve the actual vision of Mind Tale, this helpline is setup with renounced and professional psychological consultants, psychologists as well as Psychiatrist. People can get solution from different specialist based on his/her level of problem. Now people are easily sharing their mental problem to the consultants, back before that was not that easy and convenient due to non-availability of psychological consultants, lack of privacy and most importantly social Orthodoxy. Along with this for awareness buildup and knowledge dissemination Mind Tale has also sharing content related to mental health by SMS and IVR which are prepared in the supervision of mental health expert.

Mind Tale is a 24 hours Mental Health Service. The service is provided through IVR or Call Center. The main objective of this service is to assist people with mental illness like anxiety, dementia, clinical depression, panic & bipolar disorder, child psychology and brain development with parenting advice for sound mental health. In this service User can get counselling and medicinal suggestion regarding mental health issues and brain development along with parenting and related health service through IVR based psychiatrist call center. Also user will get mental health related tips through SMS.

Every day Mind Tale serve so many people from various corner of the country and they are getting the consultancy over a longer period by more than one session. People are calling for their mental depressions & anxiety, work stress, relationship problem, child psychology and many others personal and social issues. Many of Mind Tale callers are already recovered from their serious mental disorders. Besides service from helpline, the SMS tips service is also very familiar nowadays and works beneficially for a handsome amount of population. Every day the list of subscribers is increasing rapidly in mental health tips arena.

Social Impact and Benefits

·24/7 mental helpline number that is always available for mental health counselling.

·Now, everyone can get the counselling facility from professional psychiatrist or psychologist from their mobile phone.

·The conventional way of thinking that “Mental care from professionals is expensive” is now gone and is available at the lowest cost in the world.

·With our technologically advanced helpline center, every day largest number of phone calls has been transmitting and customized solution has been provided.

·Through Facebook page more than 2 lacs of people are following Mind Tales page and getting beneficial mental health tips beside regular queries.