IT Infrastructure Design


Continuous development and unsacrificed opportunities are untold wish list for all IT infrastructure. Nowadays every organization seeks a digital platform with full of expectations for IT infrastructure to be robust and capable enough to incorporate changes in technology upgrades. The ability to quickly adapt to new changes while attaining any organization vision becomes the top priority. Automation and open compute is the prime concern to attain maximum returns on critical and major IT investments.


Synesis IT works with proper understanding to clients current and future requirements to tailor IT infrastructure. Through a continuous and consultative way Synesis IT designs every process to reveal the best of you. Our IT infrastructure design service helps organizations design, build, run, and manage their IT infrastructure services in a structured manner that allows for better integration with the existing processes and operations.


Data Center Services

Data centers are core stations where all steps that drive business aspects and innovation are developed. Data centers go beyond the usual task of keeping core IT operations running and thus ensures the success of exceptional IT project. Technologies like virtualization and automation along with the cloud help improve data centers and optimize their performance. This ensures faster and cost-effective delivery of services.

Synesis IT offers services that helps enterprises improve performance, reduce IT complexity, and lower cost of operations while meeting the demands of IT and aligning with business goals. Our services include:


§  Data Center Consolidation and Optimization services

§  Core Infrastructure Transformation services

§  Infrastructure Engineering services

§  Data Center Security services

Operations Management

Operational management is at the heart of any successful organization. With an absence of any crucial services that drive operations effectively, any business strategy will fail to unlock the best results. Operations management service of Synesis IT makes sure that the infrastructure of your IT design operates restlessly while ensuring the best output.

Our Service Integration services:

§  ITSM services

§  Command Center services

§  SAP Basis

§  Database services

§  Mainframe services






Network Administration

Nowadays networks create a crucial significance in connecting business applications with customers, partners, and employees. Without access to applications, businesses cannot function as per any individuals need. Most of the enterprises now aspires a robust and secure network to drive collaboration, keep data secure, and remain firm.

Synesis IT`s network administration services ensure that all your business applications stay available all the time.  Through this service, we help clients reshape their network infrastructure to cope with recent trends while also improving performance and optimizing costs. Services include:

§  Network Optimization services

§  Software defined network services

§  Network Security services

§  Unified Communication and Collaboration services






Information Security Consultancy

Information or data Security of any enterprise has become one of the top concern for all entrepreneurs or any business. With threats growing at a constant rate, enterprises are actively looking forward to assured Information security consultants for proactively managing threats. Synesis IT`s Information security consultancy assures new technologies that help organizations stay ahead of in security management while reducing the cost of operations.

Synesis IT`s Information security consultancy services provide enterprises with continuous monitoring threats for their Information assets, vulnerability management, security operations of data, and more to ensure that Information security consultancy meets all required expectations while mitigating internal and external security risks. Our services include:

§  Data Security services

§  GRC services (Governance, Risk and Compliance)

§  Security Assurance services

Workplace Transformation

Nowadays, Workplace technologies are key weapons on which the way of end-user’s operation completely varies. With a combination of greater flexibility and customization at the workplace, organization`s infrastructure is posed with a challenge to maintain control and secure data while meeting the demands of end-users.

Our services include: 

 §  Service Desk services

 §  End-User services

 §  Unified Communication and Collaboration services




Software Application Development

Synesis IT has been contributing remarkable software applications since its kick off. The software development process involves computer programming, documenting, testing, and bug fixing involved in creating and maintaining applications and frameworks. Today`s world believes in reducing the most of pen-paper works by replacing the whole system into digital platforms via software.

Synesis IT prepares robust and pro-active software through a constructive process to deliver the maximum privilege to the real beneficiaries. 


Major Activities Involve-



Information Analysis: The objective of design of an information system that is so accurately described that customer can make a decision on whether to have delivered or not the proposed information system, a so-called go/no-go decision. The product from this core activities is called Preliminary Investigation, Definition Study or Detailed Project Definition.



A good description provides insight into the total functionality of the (information)system and the consequences for realization, implementation and operation of this in the end-user organization.

The approach should quickly show that the proposed change is desirable and acceptable for the organizational objectives of the customer.

Functional Design: Comprises the detail design and functional specification of the to be developed or changed information system. In summary:


- What the new information system does for the end-user: what products are delivered;

- What the end-user has to do with the new system; how does the end-user get information into the system;

- What are the consequences of the new (implemented part) system for the end-user organization (in any case: additions to what already has been described in the information system.

Technical Design: However, after the completion of Information analysis and functional design it’s time to design the technical aspects of the software development process.

- The research of the technical feasibility of the desired functionality of the designed system, where is defined that automatic support is required and in discussion with functional designer, database administrator and other specialist’s solutions to potential problems;

- The delivery of programming specifications for realization of the automated parts of the functionality.

Programming and Unit Testing: is the design, coding and testing of the products described in the Technical design.


Application/Software Architecture: Finally, the core activity has the objective of aligning the application/software architecture with the result of the information analysis together with the application landscape and the technical architecture.