IT & Business Consultancy


The digital revolution and transformation is positively changing the way of life for everyone. In this evolving digital era, every business is stepping forward in a blink of an eye with the support of readily available and pro-actively robust IT solutions. IT and Business consultancy of Synesis IT helps you reveal hidden secrets or opportunities which secures an ultimate competitive position in this dynamic business market and reflects your unique proposition to the world. In here, we help companies to align the use of IT with properly consulting the best strategies, to perform business analyses and to design applications that support your business processes in the long run.

"Business & Scope Analysis" through IT and Consultancy 

We analyze your enterprise need in a 360-degree approach that enables your organization to achieve business goals like meeting a business need, solving a problem or taking advantage of an opportunity. Our consultancy diagram includes-

§  Business process improvement

§  User experience (UX) and usability design

§  Functional Requirement 

§  Quality requirement

§  Request of proposal management

§  Solution architecture design

§  Architecture assessment and finalized end product







"Strategic IT and Business Consultancy Services" that meet your 360° need includes-

§  Total Enterprise IT Infrastructure Design


      §  End to End Project Management 

      §  Public and Private Cloud Management

      §  Total IT Security Management

      §  Software Application Development 

      §  Software quality assurance and testing services

      §  Business process automation and System Integration

      §  Data and Analytics report generation System

      §  IT organization and operating model

      §  Business and IT strategy alignment