High Speed SMS Gateway


High Speed SMS Gateway is a reliable Text or voice message platform which directs the right information to the right audience for the best awareness creation. Synesis IT has been providing short messaging service SMS with 160 characters for smart and regular cellular phones and PDAs. Besides this, there are 5-bit mode SMS which supports 224 characters. Voice SMS or Out bound call (OBD) is another gateway which uses a computer auto dialer to deliver a pre-recorded voice. This service is specially used for tele-marketing campaigns, public service or emergency announcements. IVR (Interactive voice response) is one of the popular interactive voice response survey system for delivering a pre-recorded script. It is an easy and cost-effective way to interact with customers since respondent is always directed to desired services just by dialing keypad of the phone. This optimum technological experience is capable of delivering thousands of messages per second.

This is a cost-effective service which helps to create brand and campaign awareness with a promise of 97% right recipients open rate within 3 minutes. With log sharing facility and 24x7x365 dedicated service Synesis IT has achieved client’s loyalty. Web API and Easy integration into existing software, comprehensive web-panel and role based control with real time reporting makes the service truly credible and worthy.

Synesis IT has been providing this service to diverse industries like: Banking, e-commerce, Government organizations, export-import business, educational institutions etc. We have a strong database of 40+ millions of effective and tested MSISDN in all sectors of Bangladesh, like: Service holders, industrial employees, top managements of companies, government employees, doctors, bankers, club members, advocate/barristers, engineers and students and what not.


§  Bulk text, voice and transactional SMS.

§  Programable/Dynamic SMS

§  IVR based automated survey

§  Scheduled text and voice service // Two-way SMS (Client Inbox)