Total Process Automation of Bangladesh Post Office


Bangladesh Post office is an attached department of Bangladesh Ministry of Postal and Telecommunication. It has been one of the places upon which people of Bangladesh is highly dependent. From letter posting to courier and vivid postal services helped a lot of information passing from here to there. In the past, all the services of BPO was handled offline. To enhance and improve the services of Bangladesh post office it needed something more convenient and easily accessible. With time people of Bangladesh is becoming busier and technological advancement is always there to shorten the process and execute the service. Thus, Bangladesh Post Office was deliberately in search of such a solution.


Synesis IT has designed, developed and implemented the web based application software for total process automation of Bangladesh Post Office. It’s designed a technologically advanced and meaningful web based application software for Bangladesh Post Office that covers all the services including Letter, Parcel, GEP, EMS, VPL, VPP, MO Issue, MO Paid, MO Audit (Issue, Paid), Postal Life Insurance (PLI), as well as other services provided by BPO. With the help of this software, general people are able to receive service of BPO from any point of the country without physical interaction. 

Social Impact and Benefits

§  Automation of the postal operation at more than 200 sub office locations which helped to manage the service availability of BPO with a wider and stronger network.

§  Total optimization process helped to manage all the organizational functions to collaborate and monitor in a single platform reducing time and energy.

§  Through “Post Office Counter Automation” People can get the benefit of all the services of BPO (Reg. Letter, parcel, EMS, GEP, Money Order, e-Money Order, MV Tax, PLI Premium collection, Passport, VPP, VPL, Selling of Stamps, Prize bonds (Sale and Encashment), Sale of postal orders, Registration of Newspapers, Insured Articles) in online destination.

§  Automation of the Post Office Treasury, sub accounts & accounts, Human resource information system and other automated services helped BPO to function efficiently and effectively.

§  This project helped general people to receive all the services of Bangladesh Post Office from any point of Bangladesh eliminating physical visits and ensuring instant solution in shortest time possible.