Automation of Certification Mark Process of BSTI


Bangladesh Standard and Testing Institution (BSTI) is the only national standards body of Bangladesh that plays an important role in developing and promoting industrial standardization. BSTI is the only authentic government organization which secures authenticity of issuing certification for mark license and other business licenses for businessman or any entrepreneur. The activities of BSTI needed to be more boost up since all the process involved physical interaction and a lot of paper works. Some digital platform was in need that could bring the most efficiency in serving the whole process and activities of BSTI.


Synesis IT came up with a professional, secured and database driven complete work flow management system for BSTI. The system was designed in an organized manner to automate the process of issuing certification mark license and developing a comprehensive database of issued licenses.

Social Impact and Benefits

§  Activation of this automated large-scale data base driven application helped BSTI to step ahead in providing reliable certification process to citizens.

§  Transparency and credibility has been earned by the citizen of Bangladesh.

§  Now, everyone can get license certificate in online without any physical interaction. Everyday a lot more than regular certification requests have been coming to BSTI.

§ The tasks of BSTI employees has reached to an easy process reducing paper works and lengthy timeline for processing.